Haven’t danced so much since last summer…

Posted by jill on April 24, 2008

Just back from the Soulwax tour movie première (we missed the film) at the Royal Festival Hall, it’s 3am, and I have work in the morning. I know I should head to bed, since I have to be up in about 5 hours’ time, but I’m not in the mood. When I bought tickets for this gig, I thought that it would be fun, but I didn’t expect too much from it. Especially since the last time I saw Soulwax was about 2 1/2 years ago, around the time that Nite Versions was released. That gig was great. But now it’s a couple of years on, the band haven’t released any new material (the remix album doesn’t count) and they’re still playing Nite versions? Don’t they get bored?

Maybe they do, because luckily the Nite Versions set this time was very different to the one I saw at Fabric. Rather than just playing the reworked version of their album all the way through, they only performed some of the key tracks, mixed in with some bits of their more well known remixes. It actually worked quite well.

In another odd arrangement, the warm up act for the night was actually their film. The band performed in the middle of the evening (well at 11pm), followed by a dj set from Tiga. It was a shame that Tiga only djed, as I was looking forward to seeing him perform live, but he kept things ticking over until 2manydjs came back. 2manydjs were almost perfect, just the right mix of 90s dance classics, as well as those electro pop tracks you expect them to play (Hot Chip (twice!), Fischerspooner, LCD Soundsystem etc). Actually I wouldn’t mind just going to watch 2manydjs again.