Explaining the silence

Posted by jill on April 20, 2008

There have been no new posts since February for various reasons.
1) Most of March was very quiet in terms of musical activities (a few gigs in the first week of the month and that was it)
2) The last week of March, I was in Italy
3) The first week of April, I was in Vienna
4) And it’s only in the past week that I’ve gone to gigs again.

To make up of 4 and a bit weeks of no gigs, I am now in a run of a number of ridiculously good shows. It started on Monday, with Los Campesinos! at the Brixton Windmill. After the disappointment of their show at ULU last Autumn, this tiny show made up for everything. It supporst my previous rant, that the size of a venue definately influences the atmosphere of a gig.

Then on Wednesday, dEUS made me completely re-evaluate their music. It’s strange to think that presented with a band’s back catalogue, two people could have entirely different interpretation of their style. I’ve always listened to dEUS for their more gentle songs, like Little Arithmetic. So it was a bit of a shock to see the band live, and experience the louder, rockier side of their music. Still, the gig was fun, even if I didn’t expect to end up at the edge of a mosh pit that night.

In any other week, these two gigs would have been the highlight of that week’s musical events. Not this week. Saturday was Record Store Day and also Low day. An afternoon at Rough Trade, listening to Euguene McGuinness and Jason Molina, followed by a Low gig at the Union Chapel. Thanks to my friend’s eagerness to be right at the front, we ended up on the front row, in the middle pew of the venue. It was the perfect vantage point for the set, close enough to see every glance that Mimi would give her husband, whenever he said something inappropriate, or just not performing seriously.