Memories of Seattle

Posted by jill on April 22, 2008

Streetart in Fremont, originally uploaded by jellybeanz.

It has been 8 months since I left Seattle to travel on to Vancouver, but every so often I still think back to my week in the city, which was among the highlights of my quick trip around the world. Recently my thoughts have turned to the city, because of the second album by ¡Forward, Russia! was also recorded there last summer. This photo was taken in the neighbourhood of Fremont, near where they recorded the album.

Even without the great memories that the album brings up, Life Processes is a great album. Often bands stumble at the second album, either trying too hard to recreate their first album or unsuccessfully trying out new ideas. Luckily for ¡Forward, Russia! neither is the case. The songs on this album are much grander, and that little bit more complex than on their previous album. The difference in quality and approach between these two albums really showed at their gig. The numbered songs from the first album hurtled through at pace, while the crowd went mad for the songs they were familiar with. The songs from the second album sounded even better live than on CD.

I just wonder what they’re going to do with the next album?


Favourite gigs of 2007

Posted by jill on December 31, 2007

1. Daft Punk @ Wamu Theater, Seattle, WA, USA – 29th July
2. !!!, Holy Fuck, Midnight Juggernauts @ Koko, London, UK – 7th November
3. Dan Deacon @ The Dome, London UK – 7th December
4. Capitol Hill Block Party @ Seattle, WA, USA – 27th July
Girl Talk @ Bardens Boudoir, London, UK – 11th December
Matt and Kim and Jonquil @ The Barfly, London, UK – 9th November
5. Electrelane @ Koko, London, UK – 29th November
6. Acoustic Ladyland @ the Zodiac, Oxford UK – 29th April
7. Grizzly Bear @ the Scala, London, UK – 21st May
8. Silver Mt Zion and Jonquil @ the Zodiac, London, UK – 3rd May
9. Youthmovies, TTNG, Jonquil, Meet me in St Louis @ a house party, Oxford, UK 14th April
10. Beirut @ Rough Trade East, London, UK – 5th November
11. The Shins @ Bush Hall, London, UK – 26th February
12. Forward Russia @ Borderline, London, UK – 6th December


Less planning, more on impulse

Posted by jill on December 6, 2007

It is such a great feeling when some things just work out. Originally I was meant to be watching Bis tonight, and then ¡Forward, Russia! announced a show for the very same night. Sadly/luckily the Bis show was cancelled, which meant I could celebrate my birthday in the company of ¡Forward, Russia! instead. It was lovely to see them again after seeing them on my round the world trip in Seattle.

And the best thing about the gig tonight was the chance to hear the songs they were recording in Seattle. Although I visited them in the studio, I didn’t get a chance to hear the new songs. It’s really great to hear a band who have made a progression of their sound with a new album. The new songs are all slightly denser, more layered and that little bit more complex than the songs from Give me a wall. I really can’t wait till the album comes out sometime next year.