Brainlove alldayer at the Windmill

Posted by jill on May 31, 2009

The Windmill, originally uploaded by jellybeanz.

There is no better way to spend a sunny weekend than sitting in a pub drinking beer, listening to music and visiting a Windmill. Like last year’s Brainlove all dayer, this year’s was on the sunniest weekend of the year so far, and through the mainly excellent music inside, there wasn’t much time to get sunburnt.

Mid-afternoon was probably the highlight of the day, watching Stairs to Korea for the first time, seeing A Scholar and A Physician play live for the first time in ages and listening to The Keyboard Choir’s dancy new direction. There wasn’t much time to enjoy the back garden and the barbecue, though the 5-10 minutes communal singing was quite amusing. There’s a video of that somewhere.

Oh and I finally went to see the Windmill!