Less planning, more on impulse

Posted by jill on December 6, 2007

It is such a great feeling when some things just work out. Originally I was meant to be watching Bis tonight, and then ¡Forward, Russia! announced a show for the very same night. Sadly/luckily the Bis show was cancelled, which meant I could celebrate my birthday in the company of ¡Forward, Russia! instead. It was lovely to see them again after seeing them on my round the world trip in Seattle.

And the best thing about the gig tonight was the chance to hear the songs they were recording in Seattle. Although I visited them in the studio, I didn’t get a chance to hear the new songs. It’s really great to hear a band who have made a progression of their sound with a new album. The new songs are all slightly denser, more layered and that little bit more complex than the songs from Give me a wall. I really can’t wait till the album comes out sometime next year.

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