I really don’t like big gigs

Posted by jill on November 11, 2007

Dark Beirut, originally uploaded by jellybeanz.

But sometimes I have to bear them. Obviously this photo was taken at the Rough Trade instore gig earlier this week, if I were to post a photo of my view tonight, there would be no Beirut, and a dark photo showing the shoulders of 2 tall men who stood right in front of us instead. Why do tall people ALWAYS stand right in front of me? Luckily I had already seen the band on Monday, or else I would have been quite annoyed that for my £18 ticket, all I could see were brief glimpses of the band.

Their set was really great, and it sounded a lot better than it did on Monday. Zach’s voice sounded just as good as it did earlier in the week, and in their longer set they mixed up tracks from both albums.

It was really just such a shame that I really couldn’t see very much (thank you very much the twat right in front of me who decided to let a girl sit on his shoulders!), though it improved slightly in the second half of the show. There are just some nights when I wished I could go to a big gig and still see a band perform (I have as much right to see something as tall people who paid just as much), without having to hop around and stand on tip toes, just to see the band’s hair.