Super Furry Animals and the passing of the years

Posted by jill on October 29, 2007

So, last weekend I made my first visit to the Zodiac for five months, the first since they’ve spent thousand and thousands of pounds ‘improving’ the venue. I haven’t had such a depressing experience at a gig for a very long time, if ever. It was the sad realisation that the venue I’ve known for the last 8 years really doesn’t exist anymore, and in its place is a new place, full of people who are there not for the music (who would pay £20 for a gig ticket and then chat all the way trough it?), and frankly just over priced. It made Brookes look like a great venue. With the limitations of a low ceiling, they made the stage low, and as a result no one standing after the 4th row from the stage can really see anything. And if they spent thousands of pounds upgrading the venue, couldn’t they find somewhere better to put the sound booth but slap bang in the middle of the room?

Super Furry Animals, on the other hand, made the best out of the crap venue. The mixture of old tracks with the upbeat songs from the new album, quickly passing by the tracks from Love Kraft, made for a great set. However the venue couldn’t show them at their best. The only disappointment of the set was the finale, only playing a short version of The Man Don’t Give A Fuck followed by Keep the Cosmic Trigger Happy rather than just performing the longer version of TMDGAF.

Overall the gig experience was so awful, I had to go out to another gig on Saturday, just to erase the experience from my memory of this weekend. Luckily, The Evening performed a storming set at the Wheatsheaf, and at least restored my faith in some venues in Oxford.

Edited to add: I’ve just realised, I paid $58 (£29) to see Daft Punk this summer. I paid almost as much (approx £27 if you include the taxi I got to get to the Zodiac on time) to see SFA. I know where I’d rather spend my £30.

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