Posted by jill on May 9, 2009

Beirut, originally uploaded by jellybeanz.

The following review will be presented in a style to re-create the experience of watching a Beirut gig

*Whoop-clap* It’s odd how a relationship with music changes over time. In 2007 […blackberry…], Flying Club Cup was my most listened to album […Myspace…] by miles, and […Yeah!…] at the time it seemed to sum up my favourite things in music. Maybe it was overplayed, but *loud claps* now almost two years on, the album doesn’t really feel as special as it did at the time. *Some people take pictures of themselves at a gig* The recent double EP […dinner…] was also a small disappointment, with a few moments of greatness in amongst other songs that aren’t really as memorable.

[…please can you stop talking so loudly…]

However in tonight’s set it was actually some of the ‘newer’ songs that came off better. In particular the material from the March of the Zapotac[…talks through the songs that aren’t on *the* album…]. The more familiar songs […oh I’m off, need to get somewhere else before 11…] meanwhile seemed more ploddy than usual.

The hour or so they played passed by quickly, but the problem was that I couldn’t enjoy it fully. The Forum is probably one of the worst medium sized venues for amplifying audience chatter, but when you have people clapping and whooping in the middle of songs, chatting loudly right next to you and crushed together, you really start to wonder what great music is worth all the trouble.

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