Autumn slowdown

Posted by jill on November 6, 2008

There has been a lack of posts recently, and that’s because I really haven’t been to any shows (apart from a fantastic Jeffrey Lewis gig at the Scala where I went all a bit fan-girl). I haven’t even got a foreign holiday to blame for this lack of enthusiasm for live music. Hopefully, things will change with November (and I have tickets to a few potentially great shows in the next few weeks).

To kickstart this run of live shows, first it was a return to see Youthmovies. Firstly, the bad points, it would be difficult to top the last show I saw back in April, where they interspersed their own songs with pretty interesting improvised bits. This show may come pretty close to the top in the ratio of cost of entrance compared to the status/popularity of the band. London gigs are expensive, but £9 to see Youthmovies is just a bit extreme, especially compared with ‘only’ £13 to see Retribution Gospel Choir and Micah P Hinson round the corner at the Scala. The only consolation for the ticket price was that at least it was still £3 cheaper than buying the ticket off the internet. (Even though Youthmovies are great, are they really worth paying £12 to see?)

As it was the first night of the tour, the Youthmovies show itself was pretty scrappy, particularly with faulty guitar leads cutting out every so often. However, through the faults there were still moments which make them a great live band to watch (and one to listen to on record). From Sam’s looping of his trumpet parts in the introduction to Magdalen Bridge to those moments where Graeme’s drumming continue to drive the different sections of a song forward.

The show tonight reaffirms the great things about bands like Youthmovies. Even in the midst of technical faults and other problems there are always moments in every show which will lead to you want more, but hopefully next time won’t be as expensive.

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