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Retribution Gospel Choir

Posted by jill on April 21, 2008

So after a Saturday night in a church, listening to Low play Low songs, Monday night was spent in the smaller environment of the Water Rats, listening to the Retribution Gospel Choir play mainly Low songs. Retribution Gospel Choir is Alan Sparhawk from Low’s other band. In Low, as we saw on Saturday night, Mimi keeps Alan under control, occasionally glancing over to stop him from rocking out a bit too much. Without Mimi, under the name of Retribution Gospel Choir, Alan can thrash his guitar as much as he likes.

It was a bit like watching three men just messing around in the garage on a Sunday afternoon, having the freedom to just mess around, and interpret songs in a different way. Their set was over just that little bit too soon, but not before a great (but slightly messy) cover of Ziggy Stardust.


Two more days till pay day

Posted by jill on October 13, 2007

And in anticipation, I went record shopping, and finally got hold of Lions by Jonquil. Since early this afternoon, it’s been on constant repeat. Yes, Sunny Casinos was great, but by the time that came out Jonquil were already playing the more song based tracks that make up Lions, AND they made us wait a whole year for the album as well. But, blimey, is it worth the wait.

I first listened to the entire album in full on a walk around Regent’s Park, and it was perfect. The harmonies and dense layers in Lily and Pencil, Paper were a glorious soundtrack for strolling through the fallen leaves and autumnal colours. While the simple, joyous songs like Sudden Sun and Whistle Low just made the sun appear to shine that much brighter. And of course, there’s the untitled track leading up to Lions which is perfect for whatever time or season.