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Week 43: Traams

Posted by jill on November 13, 2015

A bit of an earlier post this week, as I’m off tonight to see 65daysofstatic. And as usual, I discover a new band only a few days after they perform at a local venue.

Traams are exactly the sort of band I was hoping to find by doing this blog. The sort of band who would first capture your attention as a support band at a gig but show plenty of potential. They have songs with the sort of hooks that the Arctic Monkeys would die for, but at the same time a lot more exciting and interesting. They also have the punky, urgency that I haven’t heard in bands for very many years.


Week 42: Mothers

Posted by jill on November 6, 2015

This week’s band has a pretty un-googleable name, so all I know is that they are a band from Athens, Georgia.

That mystery makes them even more intriguing. The first thing that hits you is the vulnerable vocals that come with an edge. But then on listening again you notice the great melodic guitars supporting it all. Sometimes they’re soaring together and at other times they are battling against each other. Makes them something that I would listen to again and again.


Week 41: Car Seat Headrest

Posted by jill on October 30, 2015

Some weeks it’s a bit of a struggle to find something new to listen to. Wading through websites with articles about bands with stranger and stranger names, on some occasions none are very appealing at all. This week is one of those sort of weeks. Having spent around a hour looking for something to listen to, I finally gave in and decided to listen to Car Seat Headrest, a name so bad that without context it doesn’t seem like a band name at all.

I’m really glad that I did click on his name though. It’s a fuzzy/lo-fi sort of sound, not too dissimilar to Deerhunter. But unlike Deerhunter, under all the distortion there’s an edge of youthful hopefulness.


Week 40: Lowly

Posted by jill on October 23, 2015

One of the unexpected challenges of setting myself this goal of finding something new to listen to every week is working out where to find new bands. A few weeks ago I went through a trawl of independent record labels and Lowly caught my eye.

A Danish (tick) band on Bella Union (tick), with a sound described as “already so rich and full, was like being put under a magical spell.” While some of the rights bits are there, echoy dreamy vocals and some catch hooks, there is just something missing. It could be that they are trying a little bit too hard, but I can imagine this going down well in the middle of a sunny afternoon at a music festival next summer.