Posted by jill on November 29, 2007

Electrelane are one of those bands I really should have paid much more attention to. Whenever albums came out, they were too expensive and there were always other shows to go to when they played. I only bought No Shouts, No Call this summer when I was in the states, because of the exchange rate the album was finally affordable. The time I saw them play live was at Audioscope 2003, before Ros joined the band. So, with the joys of moving to London, I was finally able to catch them again tonight. By the end of the set, I was annoyed that it has take me so long just to get round to seeing them live again.

They are truly a special band, one that manages to create their own unique sound, but constantly veering away from that sound to try other things. I don’t listen to female musicians enough, but I find that most female performers tend to take their image more seriously than the music they produce. There are very few, like Electrelane, who focus on the music, and not so much on the way they look. As their second last show before an extended break, they played for nearly 2 hours. For many bands, even watching them for 1 hour is too much, but after 2, I still wanted Electrelane to play on.

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