Female role models

Posted by jill on July 21, 2011

It appears that the theme for this year’s gigs are revisiting bands from my youth and well loved albums. Halfway through Electrelane’s set tonight, something clicked, and I realised that the band had come along just at the right time of my life. They were around during my early 20s, when everything was hopeful and it felt like that I could do anything with my life. Just like Electrelane’s music and attutude.

They may well be the only band I can think of who have suceeded within the strict confines of the music industry. They are four girls, but they don’t need to play up their femininity. Mia’s guitar playing tonight was jawdropping, beating anything that most other guitarists would do. The layers and depth of their songs bring comfort and yet aren’t dull. They prove that who you are doesn’t really matter. All you need is the intelligence and bravery to go out there and just do it. It’s a good reminder that there are still a great number of possibilities out there.