Top 10 Songs of 2006: No. 1

Posted by jill on December 19, 2006

1. Guillemots – Trains to Brazil

How often can you find a song that contains the emotions of joy, sadness, yearning and hope all in the space of 4 minutes? For that alone Trains to Brazil would easily be my song of the year. But there is more to the song that this. The first time I heard it, I thought it was a great 4 minute pop song, with just the right amount of jangly bells to make it suitable for a Christmas song. But then on the second and third and fourth listens, I realised that there was more to the song that just joy and hope. As the brass instruments added their big band sounds, I noticed how the song was actually sad, and about longing and learning to stay optimistic. I have not heard a better song in the last year that manages to capture emotions quite as well, and without feeling cheesy at all. And the final line sums up that optimistic outlook ‘Can’t you live and be thankful you’re here, See it could be you tomorrow or next year’.

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