Owen, how can you keep doing this?

Posted by jill on March 26, 2010

Back in January, I boldly made a claim that the Owen Pallett show at the Union Chapel might be my favourite show of the year. So, going into this show at Koko, I didn’t have as high expectations. Firstly, Koko isn’t as good a venue as the Union Chapel, and secondly the bill of the show in January was so perfect that it really couldn’t be beat.

Sorry to ruin the suspense, but the Koko show didn’t overtake the Union Chapel gig as the best gig of the year. Having to peek over other people’s shoulders instead of a perfect seated view put pay to that. However, in some other ways this show was better than the show in January. Having the balls to put This is the Dream of Win and Regine as the second track, surely he had peaked too soon, but amazingly, it turned out to be dream setlist of songs. Even some technical difficulties didn’t spoil the atmosphere at all.

Yes, some of the sequences of songs were familiar such as moving on from The Great Elsewhere to Lewis Takes Action and playing The Butcher straight after Flare Gun. But then in the middle of the main set he also played Independence is No Solution and finished with Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (surely this song should only be performed with an accompanying rain shower).

To top it all, the encore was what an encore really should be. Rather than keeping back a song from Heartland, it was a dive into the back catalogue including Song Song Song, and the ultimate treat of it all, his version of Mariah Carey’s Fantasy.

So, shame about not being able to watch Owen Pallett actually perform the songs but it was a great way to start what turned out to be a bit of crazy a Friday night.

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