Grizzly Bear @ Koko

Posted by jill on August 18, 2009

Grizzly Bear, originally uploaded by jellybeanz.

If you look at my stats, there is one band who is easily my most played band. Unlike most bands who now rush out a new album every year, Grizzly Bear take their time to create songs that are extremely well thought out and beautifully arranged.

Amazingly Veckatimest comes off even better live than on record. While sometimes the album seems to plod along, the live energy drive the songs through. And being a band that takes risks with pushing their arrangements, they even attempted to perform the more ambitious tracks from the album, such as ‘I live with you’. While it didn’t quite work when there was just the four band members performing, it worked as a tempting preview of what the show at the Barbican (with orchestra) may bring.

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